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10 Reasons for working with Men

10 Reasons For Working With Men

White Ribbon has some very interesting facts for you to define its theme to work with men to end violence against women. Read these as following:


  1. Gender-based violence continues to be a problem in communities across the world. Until everyone including men recognizes their responsibility to end violence, the health and safety of women and girls will continue to be at risk.
  2. Gender violence needs to be approached as a men’s issue. Overwhelmingly men hurt women. It is through work with men and boys that we can end violence against women.
  3. Women want and need male allies to join them in their stand against violence.
  4. Most men respect women and do not agree with violence against women. They need education and support to mobilize for change.
  5. The efforts of men already working to stop violence will be strengthened with new male allies at their side. Many men want to join this movement but do not know how.
  6. Men are not born violent. Some become violent because of destructive beliefs and expectations about what it means to be a man. Work with men and boys can offer new models of masculinity and manhood, which reject gender violence and build respect for women and girls.
  7. Men can stop violence! They can choose not to perpetrate acts of violence and challenge those men who do. Men can also challenge ideals and attitudes, which support violence against women.
  8. Men also suffer as victims of male violence. Women, children, and men are all hurt because of violence. Violence prevention work to engage men and boys will make life safer for everyone.
  9. Men and boys listen to their peers – we need to mobilize men and boys to talk to each other about respect for women and girls, and share information about violence prevention with other men in their families, workplaces, and communities.
  10. Many men hold positions of power as decision makers and opinion leaders in their communities. We need to educate them about gender-based violence to gain their political, financial, and moral support in ending violence.