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Female suicide and domestic violence

Suicide is a major public health concern worldwide. Annually, more than 10 million individuals attempt suicide, of which one million die. The majority of suicide cases (79%) occur in low and middle-income countries. Multiple studies have shown that domestic violence survivors have higher rates of suicidal thoughts. Moreover, physical assault increases the risk of suicidal attempts in married women, the […]

The trend of violence against women

New studies have revealed that domestic violence against women in Pakistan has increased. A recent study revealed that up to 84% of women participants have been psychologically abused by their husbands in their lifetime, while 77% and 80% of women in other studies have confirmed that they were targets of sexual and physical violence, respectively. Moreover, according to media reports, […]

Government must help women to obtain the inheritance

The Balochistan High Court has ordered the government to assist women in obtaining their share of the inheritance. Advocate Muhammad Sajid Tarin filed a petition in the court against women being deprived of their share in inheritance, especially property. “In most cases, whenever a settlement is made for inherited property, women are conveniently ignored or sidelined from the process,” he […]