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About Us

About Us

White Ribbon Campaign is a men’s movement for ending violence against women and girls. We are working with a different approach to counter the issue of violence by addressing the patriarchal mindset of individuals and society.

We believe that men’s involvement in our initiative is a pre-requisite to combat violence against women. Justice can be provided by those who do injustice because they have the power to do both.


It is not sufficient to create awareness about women rights among women only but it is necessary that men join along with them to challenge the unfair power relations which promote gender-based violence.

Men even in instances where they are not a part of the problem can bring forth the solution by persuading others to question and stop violence against women in every form.

The aim is to sensitize men that masculinity can be used in a healthy and positive direction instead of violence and sexual assaults and improved relationships can be nourished based on respect for opposite gender.

At the same time, we are also toiling to empower women with awareness and education. If we sensitize our women with their financial, social, cultural, religious and institutional rights; it will accelerate the positive change in the overall development of the country.

On the other hand, the role of government is important in providing basic woman rights like the right to education, health facilities and economic empowerment. Besides; making and implementing of pro-women laws and to ensure the systems in place to provide redressal to victims of violence. Following our model of Public-Private Social Partnership, we are also engaged with relevant governments department in our advocacy interventions.

We invite all men and boys to join hands with the White Ribbon to support gender equality as together we can Stop Violence against Women!