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Ambassador Programme

About Us

White Ribbon Pakistan is a men’s movement for ending violence against women and girls. We are working with a different approach to counter the issue of violence by addressing the patriarchal mindset of individuals and society. We believe that men’s involvement in our initiative is a prerequisite to combat violence against women. Justice can be provided by those who do injustice because they have the power to do both.

It is not sufficient to create awareness about women rights among women only but it is also necessary to engage men to challenge the unfair power relations which promote gender-based violence. Men even in instances where they are not a part of the problem can bring forth the solution by persuading others to question and stop violence against women in every form.

Ambassador Programme

People from all walks of life who are willing to end gender-based violence in Pakistan through changing the culture that lead to violence against women can join the “White Ribbon Ambassador Programme”. People from different background, skills and knowledge are encouraged to be ambassador to strengthen communities and creating lasting positive change.

If you are interested in seeing how you can be a positive male role model in your community, including within your workplaces, leisure activities, online, and among your friends, join our Ambassador Programme.

  • We will give you training about carrying out the role.
  • Provide you access to a variety of online materials and resources.
  • We will keep you up to date with White Ribbon news and developments.
  • Invite you to the White Ribbon events and activities.
  • We will listen to your suggestions and feedback.
  • We Will award you with a certificate of ambassador.

Scope of Engagement

  1. Use White Ribbon Pin, logo and resources that are provided as directed.
  2. Raising awareness, lead and advocate to end all kinds of violence against women.
  3. Speaking out against all forms of violence against women, as well as being involved in activities that promote women’s safety and well-being.
  4. Engaging and supporting men to involve in the movement through promoting (online/offline) and participating in the activities that can bring a change in society.
  5. Campaigning at the local and national level to promote that women’s safety is a man’s issue too.
  6. To promote the White Ribbon through engaging and educating your peers and challenge sexism in everyday life.
  7. Speak about ending violence against women at community events, tv programs, social media, and where possible.
  8. Act as a positive role model for other men and boys by actively engaging in positive behaviour and actions towards women.
  9. Use White Ribbon presentation and material as well as follow guidelines for other events.
  10. Encourage people especially men to take the White Ribbon Pledge.
  11. To keep in touch with White Ribbon and offer feedback, suggestions and advice.

Time Frame

White Ribbon Ambassadors will be selected for a period of one year.

Every year, we will renew your ambassadorship and provide you with another certificate.

If you no longer wish to be an Ambassador or if you need to take a break from your role you will have to inform White Ribbon by submitting a formal request.

Minimum Specific Deliverables

You will talk about violence against women on social media at least once a month tagging White Ribbon in your posts.

As an ambassador of White Ribbon, you will talk about gender-based violence in any event at least once a quarter.

You will wear White Ribbon Pin during media and public appearances.

The Ambassadors will be required to connect with us once a month to plan and discuss the activities and give feedback.

You will persuade the maximum people especially men to take the White Ribbon Pledge.




If you are interested in becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador, the first step is to pledge “never to commit, excuse & remain silent about violence against women”.

You will always adhere to the White Ribbon Values and will make sure people know that you are a volunteer, not an expert.

You will never share any confidential or sensitive information that is disclosed to you in your role as an Ambassador.

You will not accept gifts, money or any item of value from anyone in connection with your role as an Ambassador.

You will avoid any act in any way that could bring White Ribbon into disrepute.

By agreeing to the code of conduct you will be making the declaration “that nothing in my past or current personal life would damage the credibility of the White Ribbon Pakistan”.

How to Become an Ambassador

Register with us by filling up a form

Take White Ribbon Pledge and agree to our code of conduct

Certificate Award Ceremony and the announcement in the media (traditional and social media)

Contact Details

If you are interested in becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador, please contact us.

Email: info@whiteribbon.org.pk
Mobile: 03354887775
Phone: 042 35883570-2
Office Address: 2/12 M-Block, Gulberg III, Lahore

Or fill out our form so that we can get back to you