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‘White Ribbon Ride’ to end violence against women

LAHORE: White Ribbon Campaign Pakistan arranged ‘White Ribbon Ride’ to end violence against women in collaboration with ‘Crazy Horse’ and HOG Pakistan. Motorcycle riders holding White Ribbon flags and white ribbon placed on their jackets and helmets departed from Lahore Polo Club and reached Indigo Heights. With passion and purpose, the group rode across Jail Road, Main Boulevard, Liberty Market […]

Strategies to end violence against women

The first step to end the violence against women is to recognize the root causes of this menace. Gender-based discrimination, social norms, cultural practices and gender stereotypes perpetuate the violence against women. There are many ways to end violence such as prevent it before it happens, empowering women, educating society by promoting gender equality and changing norms and values, making […]

Pakistan’s domestic workers caught in a dangerous cycle of violence

Recently 8-year-old domestic worker Zohra was tortured to death by her employer. Exposing another case of exploitation of domestic worker, Police arrested three women on charges of forcing a housemaid into prostitution, torturing her and shaving her head. Cases of brutality against domestic workers highlighted in every few months. Remember the cases we see in the mainstream media is only […]

Lockdown brings a rise in domestic violence

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Pakistan faced two-months nationwide lockdown. Lockdown exacerbates widespread stress across the society which led to many problems especially for women and girls because it aggravated domestic violence both physical and mental and brought more misery to their lives. Pandemic stress and social isolation intensified gender-based violence because victims of domestic abuse were trapped with their […]