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Violence Against Women
Female suicide and domestic violence

Female suicide and domestic violence

Suicide is a major public health concern worldwide. Annually, more than 10 million individuals attempt suicide, of which one million die. The majority of suicide cases (79%) occur in low and middle-income countries. Multiple studies have shown that domestic violence survivors have higher rates of suicidal thoughts. Moreover, physical assault increases the risk of suicidal attempts in married women, the impact of emotional violence, including the infidelity of husband, jealousy of husband, threats to divorce, threats to physical assaults, being isolated from family members and, control and coercion of husband on suicidal attempts is greater than physical assault.

Female victims with a chronic illness or disability who experience intimate partner violence have an increased risk of threatening or attempting suicide.  Women who undergo such abuse (particularly sexual) may exhibit suicidal ideation. Suffering humiliation, ridicule, or neglect can deplete self-worth and further drive social isolation. Such victimization runs counter to the need to belong and feel valued. When this goes unmet, a passive desire for death may arise. In addition to this, Moderate suicidal ideation may arise as individuals continue to experience both psychological pain, hopelessness, loss of connectedness with other people, social roles, interests, and sense of meaning in life, as well as a continued feeling of burdensomeness.

Suicide risk among those reporting domestic violence also may be linked to when this abuse finally comes to light. Few victims report their initial domestic victimization, with most not doing so until they have endured multiple assaults. Therefore, any report probably indicates a word-long history of violence. Also, this suggests that law enforcement officers may be the first responders to encounter victims with high suicide risk.

Even though, in Pakistan, suicide rates are lower than in the west. Nevertheless, it leads to spiritual death instead. This leads to the victims losing the taste of life and just surviving while suffering. Violence against women is multi-dimensional and its definition varies based on ethical, cultural, and legal factors. Delay in the detection of domestic violence imposes serious threats to women’s life. To reduce the burden of suicide in women, families, and society, it is important that violence against women is taken seriously and addressed at both individual and system levels.

 Considering the crucial role women play in the construction of a society and a nation, such consequences are alarming. As a nation, we should try to help any such victim in our surroundings because help is easier than compensating for the loss of some valuable life either physically or spiritually. After all, suicide is not a solution. This is not how this centuries’ long tyranny of males can end, it can only be put to a halt by standing against it and fighting it.

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