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Media for Change

Media for Change

Keeping in mind the value of campaigning through print and electronic media, White Ribbon has successfully engaged journalists from all over the country. It provides them with the facilities of a resource centre to enable them to research their features, videos, articles etc. and hold training workshops to teach the method of gender-sensitive reporting.


To make the initiative of gender sensitization of the media a sustainable effort, a network of media alumni has also been set up, and so far, most of the journalists who are involved in the engagement process have become active members of the White Ribbon Media Alumni. The main objective of this network is to promote the concept of gender-sensitive reporting within media and to advocate women’s rights through articles, news reports, and features.

In order to formalize the concept of gender sensitivity in media, White Ribbon launched a Code of Ethics for Gender Sensitive Reporting during its first National Conference on Gender and Media, held on the International Women’s Day 2012, in Islamabad. Code of Ethics, endorsed by 150 journalists present at the event, includes Basic Principles of gender-sensitive reporting; Mainstreaming Gender in Media Coverage; Accountability and Impartiality, Gender Stereotyping; Coverage of Gender-Based Violence; Workplace – Capacity Building and Promotion.


To assess the implementation of the Code of Ethics, White Ribbon held the second National Conference on Gender and Media on International Women’s Day 2013. The major highlight of the second conference was White Ribbon Media Awards – for which the journalists submitted about 100 entries. Acknowledging the efforts of journalists on gender-sensitive reporting, White Ribbon gave away the awards in the categories of Print, Broadcast, Web, and Photo Journalism.