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Violence Against Women
The trend of violence against women

The trend of violence against women

New studies have revealed that domestic violence against women in Pakistan has increased. A recent study revealed that up to 84% of women participants have been psychologically abused by their husbands in their lifetime, while 77% and 80% of women in other studies have confirmed that they were targets of sexual and physical violence, respectively. Moreover, according to media reports, more than 51,241 cases of violence against women were reported between January 2011 and June 2017. Conviction rates, meanwhile, remain low, with the accused in just 2.5% of all reported cases ending up being convicted by the courts. It is important to note that these statistics provide moderate estimates of violence prevalence in Pakistan, as women are hesitant to share sensitive information about their marital lives in the patriarchal society of Pakistan. Above all, Pakistan ranks fourth on the list of the world’s most dangerous countries for women. Furthermore, another report shows a 73 percent drop in the cases of violence was witnessed during February but a spike of up to 360 percent was witnessed during March 2020.

In a majority of cases of sexual violence, a perpetrator is a man known to the woman or the child victim. So, Violence against women is more structural than causal in this society. Rape, one of the biggest violations of human rights. Day by day, the number of rape cases are increasing, which itself is one of the biggest violation of human rights. On top of this, the brutality of the act is also getting more and more horrendous. In many cases, videos of rape victims are used to blackmail them to file a case against the perpetrators. Mostly in cases of domestic violence and assault, police adopt an accusatory approach towards the complainants and asked women to ‘prove their innocence before registering the offense (committed) against them.

Violence in any society is detrimental. It takes ages to get rid of it. In this regard, the chief justice of Pakistan has recently announced that 1,000 courts would be set up to deal with the cases of violence against women. Pakistan reported 2,297 cases of violence against women from 25 districts between January and December 2020. Awareness needs to be raised via electronic means. Throughout the country, funding for round-the-clock hotlines and shelters must be provided, with rapid testing facilities and appropriate World Health Organization health protocols. Basic safety planning and escape plans for extreme situations must be discussed. Protecting our women is the first step toward establishing a state like Madina.

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